comme des garcons stripe tee

December 10, 2008


fresh off the euro trip ’08 – it seems only right that we simplify like the parisian’s sensibility.

comme des garcons (not from paris, but from tokyo) just made a bunch of polka dot shit for that fast-fashion, big box retailer that lurks in many major US and international cities, but this one’s a bit harder to come by.  shout to tres bien, because the product advent is really killing.  and welcome back.

@ tres bien


November 17, 2008


DEC 1, 2008

ubiq vet ashtray

October 27, 2008

i don’t even smoke.  i just like this. @ ubiq

iphone 3g case by parra

October 24, 2008

this one goes out to all my light-saber swinging, tap tap revenging, iphone bots who need a little personal touch to that “black is the new black” iphone back.  oh – sorry.  you got the white one?  yours is clearly 16gb (but low key i’d wish i had the black one, if i were you).  COVER THAT, either way.  parra x incase.  @ arkitip

and there’s also this nice video he did about the project.


October 22, 2008

to be honest – i wanted to post the maiden noir joints – but i’m in the business of making some of these products, looks, etc. accessible (read: option to buy).  grey denim has yet to reach a critical mass, and these aren’t your average pair of levi’s 511’s.  raw. japanese. selvage.  what’s that?  yeah. crispy.  luxe @ stussy deluxe


October 22, 2008

10.DEEP with some new fall swag, and a sneak peak.  unfortunately – you just can’t cop these yet.  but look out for the drop in a couple days.  see the whole collection here, or just eagerly anticipate the two jackets i feel are killin’ em the most.

the new apple macbook

October 15, 2008

i might be a day or two late on this one, but damn(!) for the first time ever – you can successfully front like you have the aluminum macbook pro, when you really only have the entry level 13″ macbook.  that’s hard!  even fresher than having the iPod “touch” and secretly wishing you had the iPhone.  @ apple, of course.

supreme dobby zip hoodie

October 11, 2008

it’s THE HYPE.  even wale, a budding hip-hop star and “streetwear” aficionado gets the cold shoulder from supreme’s staff – and my man wore it on the cover of URB (low key should’ve rocked that white/blue crest hoodie though, just sayin’).  new fall/winter shit is up, and yet again the cool cache of an exclusive brand is a little depleted.  i’d probably be less cynical if i could afford to buy all my favorite pieces.  @ supreme

alife everybody hi luxe tweed

October 10, 2008

not wearing a suit to work?  no sweat.  channel that classic fall tweed with your feet.  looks to me like the ideal solution for my creative professionals (shameless) out there.  i could see it as a classic excuse when you show up to an important meeting in jeans and a t-shirt.  with these bad boys, you’re still well-suited.  and for the record, these could be the hottest alife shoes thus far, IF the quality is right.  @ pickyourshoes

mishka skyway cap

October 7, 2008

i guess the fall is back on.  that means lots of things — ghosts, pumpkins, the nba season, pilgrim hats with big gold buckles, better movies, more video games, and colder weather (unless you’re in the bay).  people will wear this hat on the streets somewhere just to stay warm (and look fresh).  but if you’re the snowboard-type you should probably have this one in your repertoire.  say goodbye to the solid-colored knit hats of yesteryear and elusively express your government frustrations – while still looking cool!!  @ boundless, until they put it up on the mishka site.